Be prepared for any emergency in your workplace

Fire Safety Compliance Audit

Fire Authorities are increasing levels of Building Fire Safety inspections; evacuation planning, and compliance inspections of all types of premises and building classifications. As the owner/occupier are you compliant? You need to be.

Safety On Site Services are Emergency Response and Site Safety Consultants and will conduct a full fire safety audit of your building/s in relation to the current legislation (QFRS Act 1990; BFS Regulations 1998; Qld Development Code, Australian and NZ Standards (A/NZS) and Australian Building Codes (BCA).

We are extremely cost-effective and competitive in our pricing and furnish detailed reports on all matters relating to Building Fire Safety; as well as fire extinguishers, emergency lighting; hose reels and other fire safety installations. All deficiencies will be rectified by Safety On Site Services to meet compliance, a “One Stop Shop”

PNG and Pacific Island enquiries welcomed with resorts and unique locations a specialty.

Fire Training

Safety On Site Services are qualified trainers and have highly experienced staff to deliver informative and relevant required training in:

  • Fire Warden and Chief Warden;
  • Emergency evacuation and Assembly;
  • First response in an emergency;
  • Actions as a trained person in event of any emergency;
  • Classes of fire and fire-fighting medium;

We come to you, there is no downtime. The real gas fire training prop involves real-fire extinguisher training on-site “where practical”. The training is certificated for each person and fulfills all legislative requirements and more.

Safety On Site Services also offers contract bulk training; corporate training and safety; International Ship/Maritime training and continuous revolving contract training for staff and group safety, resorts and unique locations a specialty.

Safety On site Services will also travel to conduct remote training. PNG  and Pacific Islands enquiries welcomed. Movie sets safety and training welcomed.

Trainer Royd Kennedy also available to instruct for RTO’s and TAFEs and colleges in relevant Units in Emergency Management and Public Safety on contract basis.

Technical Writing and Process Documentation

Safety On Site Services as Emergency Response Consultants are mindful of the economic effects of  “at times” rigorous compliance demands placed on budget-conscious employers by legislation.

Avoidance or not meeting obligations is not an option as having low overheads we can provide a very cost-effective service.  Safety On Site Services will design and prepare compliant fire evacuation diagrams, conduct writing of safety manuals and building evacuation plans in written form, custom-made to any premises or Commercial vessel over 8m ( Provide an SMS document to Maritime Safety Queensland Requirements) as well as mine sites and other locations, in Queensland.

PNG and Pacific Islands enquiries welcomed with resorts and unique locations a specialty.

Commercial Vessels over 8 metres

Vessel on-board approved Safety Management Systems (SMS) and emergency actions safety documentation is a requirement of Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) on all commercial vessels over 8m.

Safety On Site Services has provided SMS documents for large Reef Fleet 30m Tourism Catamarans, dive boats, tourist ventures and ocean-going fishing vessels.

Safety On Site Services will also train all commercial vessel staff with fire response and emergency training.

Emergency Evacuation Signage and Evacuation Plans

Safety On Site Services provides QFES approved Emergency Evacuation signage and Emergency Evacuation written plans to comply with regulations ( QFRS Act 1990 and BFS Regulations 2008).

Remote, Resorts, Off-shore and Personal VIP services

Distance does not lessen legislative compliance. Safety On-Site Services can travel to remote areas, remote resorts and to off-shore islands including PNG to undertake cost-effective audits, staff training and other required safety compliance for buildings, vessels, and other locations. Discrete and VIP training is a specialty. Fire Investigation and other investigative services are also offered.

Royd Kennedy is highly-regarded as an entertaining, authoritative and motivational guest speaker