Be prepared for any emergency in your workplace

There are many instances of business premises and buildings being completely destroyed, lives lost or injury occurring, and livelihoods shattered, all from a simple unknown spark or event which can spread rapidly.

You can help prevent this occurring and know what to do if it eventuates. Simple industry standard best practice training from experienced trainers and safety equipment can prevent and stop a disaster in its tracks and put steps in place to ensure the safety of all persons.

Safety On-Site Services prides itself on fire-industry experienced and knowledgeable trainers delivering extremely cost effective on-site training as well as work site and building audits and essential safety documentation.

Ring and discuss costs for your requirements and how laws and regulations affect you and your business.


Unfortunately, many employers and business owners place safety last despite being required to be compliant. Your workplace may not be safe. A building fire safety audit report will identify shortcomings and non-compliance and what to do to rectify deficiencies and will even ensure the deficiencies are rectified.


Expert qualified trainer and emergency response consultant Royd Kennedy will deliver a memorable training experience at your workplace (where compatible).

  • any number of trainees from 0-100
  • very little downtime
  • theory session and practical hands -on live fire firefighting
  • no business too big or small
  • compliance certificated training customized to suit the workplace

Legislative Compliance


All Queensland employers ARE REQUIRED BY LAW to comply with the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990; Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008 and other regulatory legislation including Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations and the Queensland Development Code (QDC)

  • Employers and occupiers MUST have Building Evacuation Plans and instructions IN PLACE, plus install and maintain Fire Safety Installations where required.
  • Employers and occupiers MUST deliver Staff Training and General Emergency Evacuation training and First Response training instructions to QFES requirements
  • Employers and Occupiers are required at all times to maintain records for inspection for building fire safety compliance.

You WILL be inspected – are you compliant?

You can be fined by the Fire Service “on the spot” for non-compliance. Entry to the building for inspections can be carried out at any time, without right of refusal.

Your building insurance may be void if you have not got a Building Fire Safety compliant workplace signed off.  

Safety On-site Services will get you “over the line” and prepare and deliver your customized building fire safety audit and report, provide the staff and fire warden training, & building evacuation and records to full compliance.