Royd Kennedy

After a stellar career as Firefighter, Officer, and a past Manager of all QFES Commercial training in Far North Queensland including PNG, Royd recently retired and brings this wealth of technical and practical knowledge and experience to the commercial workplace including maritime and mining to prepare and deliver real and authentic fire safety training and all documentation at a cost effective price.

The recent closure of the Queensland Fire Services Commercial Training department offices in Far North Queensland has left a large gap for qualified training, emergency response advisory services, and building fire safety consultancy services from experienced operationally experienced fire service personnel to deliver, which Safety On Site Services has filled with high-quality training services to the private sector, commercial businesses and general public.

Royd Kennedy’s Technical Writing duties have been conducted throughout the mining, maritime, sugar mills and commercial sectors with essential procedures and safety /operations and compliance documentation.

He is a published author and entertaining “after dinner” speaker.

Royd Kennedy GM Dip PM; Dip FI